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A range of unique templates and models, available as PDFs and spreadsheet formats, to assist managers and sales professionals to better plan and manage their efforts.

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Customer Relationship Assessment template

HOW GOOD is your relationship with your customers?
Try the 5Cs Assessment and find out!
Customer Relationship Assessment is a vital process for building customer loyalty. CRA is often quite an extensive process so we have created this question template and spreadsheet tool to help you thoroughly assess 5 key elements of your key customer relationships. Once you have completed a particular assessment, the accompanying explanations will guide your next steps and allow you to easily compare one customer to another.

Note: this download also includes a copy of Greg Lee's One-Page Business Briefing on CRA.

Pipeline Forecasting Weighting Percentages Scale
Pipeline Forecasting Weighting Percentages

ENSURE YOUR SALES TEAM'S FORECASTING is consistent and reliable. The Pipeline Forecasting Weighting Percentages Scale includes percentages based on the stages in a typical sales cycle.

Have your sales people apply the percentages to each item in their sales forecasts.

Sales Early-Stage Qualification Scorecard
Sales Early-Stage Qualification Scorecard

USE THIS QUALIFICATION SCORECARD in the early stages of any potential sales opportunities.

The questions are particularly useful for identifying opportunities that are probably not going to warrant your sales efforts.

Sales Opportunity Management Scorecard
Sales Opportunity Management Scorecard

USE THIS OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT SCORECARD with well-advanced sales opportunities in your pipeline.

The scorecard will help you identify any additional information required and any further actions you could undertake while there is still time to increase the chances of winning this opportunity.

The Sales Manager's Confidence Clock
The Sales Manager's Confidence Clock

THE SALES MANAGER'S CONFIDENCE CLOCK will help you to assess the confidence you have in a sales person's capabilities and motivations. Once you identify which quadrant your sales person is in (Novice, Associate, Competent Professional or Expert) you can then decide the best approach to use in working with them on each element of their job role and/or each specific task to be delegated.

Sales Opportunity Management Scorecard
6 Step Objection Handling Technique

HANDLING CUSTOMER OBJECTIONS PROFESSIONALLY AND EFFICIENTLY is a necessary skill that successful sales people must master. Our 6 step objection handling technique is a repeatable and reliable process all sales people can use.

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