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WELCOME to the Sales-Assess Online Learning Library. At GMCL & Associates we have been delivering a wide variety of customised and programmed courses for many years. Through the saOLL we are now making this learning available online. The Online Learning Library provides an internet-based learning solution via bite-sized modules that can be accessed and completed anytime and anywhere and at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom-based training methods.

     Why salespeople should take our online courses
Many salespeople have not received much formal development beyond product training. Similarly, not many sales managers have received any formal management development, since it is usually assumed that good salespeople will automatically make good sales managers. This is simply not true! Promoting the top salesperson to sales manager where they then earn less is often a recipe for disaster.

So, where can people go for sales and particularly sales management development, as there is not that much around? Some managers might do an MBA though that does not teach you how to manage on a day-to-day basis. The few face-to-face offerings available can cost up to $10,000 and they expect participants to sit in a classroom for up to six days. Furthermore, most sales training is built around proprietary sales techniques and does not address all selling situations.

Companies from developed markets cut back on training and coaching as soon as the economy turns down, as they do with travel also, while companies in developing markets are growing but still do not yet have the sums of money required to import expensive Western 'experts'. There is a need for a more cost-effective means of delivering training and development.

online course

Concept Development Skills (CDS 1)

Online course

Gartner and IBM tell us that 60% of IT projects still run over time, over budget, and/or under promised functionality. Why does this still happen?

The Concept Development Skills (CDS) online program addresses this question and covers vital areas such as: tighter problem identification at the earliest stage, superior solution options being canvassed, better project outcomes, enhanced returns on investment, and greater perceived IT value contribution and image.

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