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So Now You're a Sales Manager

By Greg Lee

New book: So Now You're a Sales Manager

"I’ve had many sales managers over the years and I really wish they'd all read this book first!"
Michael, former account manager

We are a consulting, training and coaching firm specialising in the professional development of managers and their staff, with particular expertise in sales and sales related roles. On this site we aim to provide you with information about our services, our training and coaching programs and a range of key tools, expertise and concepts we have developed from our wide, multinational experience.

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About us

At GMCL & Associates ( we specialise in the professional development of people in consulting, sales-related roles, customer service and management. We aim to enhance the knowledge, understanding, skills, motivation, and self-management of sales professionals in Australia and elsewhere by providing advice, guidance, and tools.

Services and courses

We offer a variety of training workshops, coaching programs and consulting services. Our consultants have experience in most private and public sector industry verticals and work at all levels in client organisations, so offerings can be adapted as required. We offer a range of consulting and training services for people and organisational development.


With our many years experience in consulting to high level organisations, we have developed a range of tools to assist managers and sales professionals to better plan and manage their efforts.


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