"Greg is a superlative sales professional. His capacity to relate to our whole group was excellent and his tools were immediately applicable."
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At GMCL & Associates and Sales Assess we specialise in the professional development of people in consulting, sales-related roles, customer service and management. We aim to enhance the knowledge, understanding, skills, motivation, and self-management of sales professionals in Australia and elsewhere by providing advice, guidance, and tools.

We offer consultation in research and analysis, sales strategy formulation, CRM/eRM and channel management, facilitation, training and development, competency assessment, plus joint selling. Due to the lack of formal sales management development outside of the USA, Sales Assess also aims to provide the coaching and mentoring required by salespeople and managers - particularly in Australia.

As a result of the lack of research into B2B selling compared to the volumes available on B2C relationships, Sales Assess will provide free of charge online advice for the sales professional. Beyond the USA there is a further lack of suitable forums and professional bodies which can provide salespeople with advice as well as allow them to test ideas and discuss issues.

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